Promoting Civil Discourse to Overcome Incivility and Political Dysfunction in American Democracy

Broken political institutions.  A fragmented media.  An increasingly polarized citizenry.  With a government unable to address the significant challenges facing our nation, a media that replaces fact-based reporting with sensationalized opinion, and a public often skeptical of the value of political engagement, Americans face a democracy in crisis.
The National Institute promotes civil discourse among elected officials, the media, and the public.  Our approach is nonpartisan.  Civil discourse protects free speech, encourages citizen engagement, and fosters understanding.  We believe the health of our democracy depends on a willingness to share views and listen respectfully to one another.  To value our differences just as we value our similarities.  And to recognize that we are – together – 100% responsible for the future of our country.
Join us in our mission to restore the promise of American democracy.